the BBC (proudly) posts in its headlines that Sir Elton John is in Ukraine, meeting
with top politicians and the president, to talk about the rights of gay people.
In an interview on the website, he also announces that he would like to meet
President Putin over the same matter.

First off, when you are President of Ukraine you must have more pressing priorities
than to sit down with an old artist talking about gay rights, mustn’t you?

Second, on what grounds does Elton, meanwhile looking just like a fat skeleton,
think that President Putin should sit down with an old icon of musical artistry
and exuberant decadence? Delusions of self-aggrandizement?

And lastly, but most mesmerizing, why does the BBC consider this run-of-the-mill
interview with a politically irrelevant individual front page news? Hidden agendas?

September 13, 2015